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to employers, employees and individuals on taxation matters, international tax treaties, social security and legal issues on cross-border professional activities or international migration to and from Belgium.
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Assistance to employees, moving into Belgium with their Belgian tax matters or leaving Belgium to work abroad. Includes advice and assistance with Belgian tax returns and in general with any Belgian taxation issue, they may encounter. Implementation of special taxation regime in Belgium (tax circular of 1983). Compare tax systems of various countries.
2salary split
Advice and tax return services for employees with professional activities in more than one country. Support payrolling for employers in multiple countries. Advice on international tax treaties.
3cross border employment
Advice on employment contracts, social security and taxation for individuals working in more than one country.
4international social security
Advice on the applicable social security regime for individuals working across borders or moving from one country to another. Identifying gaps in social security coverage (health insurance, pensions, etc...) and find solutions. Advise on European rules on social security and on international social security treaties.
5tax calculations
Calculate Belgian taxes on salary or executive compensation. Gross-to-net income calculations or net-to-gross calculations. Estimate cost of employment of staff. Calculation of tax for self-employed professionals or management companies. Calculated taxes with application of the Belgian special taxation regime (tax circular of 1983).
6tax compliance
Prepare and file Belgian resident and non-resident tax returns for individuals. Negotiations with tax authorities. Administrative disputes with tax authorities on the correct calculation of the taxes. Specific payroll calculations in case of salary split or special tax regime (tax circular of 1983). Assist in setting up payrolls in Belgium for foreign employers.


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